Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Countdown to "W" Day

Grant and Claire the day she said, "Sure, I'll take you off your folks' hands."

Well, the countdown has begun. Tomorrow wife Janice goes to the airport to pick-up eldest son, Seth. Friday, I'm taking the whole day off to prepare, load the rig, and get on the noon ferry for Orcas Island. Friday night, Janice and I are hosting the rehearsal dinner. Saturday is "W" Day..our youngest son Grant and his bride, Bubbly Little Claire will exchange vows and begin their life's adventures. (Well, actually, CONTINUE their life's adventures.) Sunday will be kind of a wind down day as guests leave with each ferry.

Janice and I will be staying an extra night, however. Saturday will be Grant and Claire's first day of marriage, Monday will mark me and Janice's 35th year. So what am I going to tell the young couple on Friday night when I ask the gathered guests to raise their glasses? I'm not 100% sure. Still, I think I'll ask all who have been married awhile to consider whether or not they have enjoyed an easy life with their spouse....and then ask if they are having a GOOD life with their spouse. That's the key. Life's not easy, but with a the right partner, it sure as hell can be good.

To Grant and Claire!

The Happy Family L to R: My bride of 35 years, Janice, Eldest son Seth, the Happy Couple, the Old Farmer in the back.

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MTengr said...

Maybe time to scrub up a bit, huh? Maybe even trim the mustache a bit, eh?