Sunday, April 19, 2009

THEE Weddin'

Well, its been over a month since THEE weddin' between youngest son Grant and Bubbly Little Claire. They got hitched good and tight, so I'm thinking it's gonna stick. It was on helluva party, about 4 days worth. Just off the hook enough everyone took home some good stories, but not so bad the cops had to return. Certainly the highlight was the power going out before the ceremony, but coming on the instant Grant was serenading his bride during the service, and singing, very loudly, "Don't worry everything is gonna be alright." Aaah if only marriage was that easy.

Anyways, rather than bore you with written details, here, thanks to the photographs of wedding photog Steve Horn, is my take on the whole affair.

That's me, all dressed up and thanking God Grant is no longer my problem.

Eldest son Seth and my bride of 35 years, (our anniversary is 2 days after Grant and Claire's), anyways, that's Janice asking Seth why HE can't find a nice girl like Claire to marry.

The two showing off the fresh coat of mink grease on his stompin' boots.

Father-in-law giving his daughter-in-law some last minute advice..."Don't you dare back out on me."

Great day for a wedding if you don't mind no electricity, wind, rain, and yes, snow.

Well Claire, you're a Burwash now, and all that comes with that name.

A tearful, last minute break-up between groom Grant and "close friend" Thee Drew Dahlstedt. "Drew, I don't know how to say this, but I've found another..."

Magoo being Magoo.

Brotherly love...their parents must be so proud.

Enough of this bullshit...time to get your ass to the church...Jesse "Jocko" Jenks does the honors.

Grant's singing, "Everything is going to be alright," but I'm not sure Claire is buying it.

So Claire, you hear the one about when Ole and Lina got married, and Lars....

Okay, all afternoon with the "Pimp Daddy" wing-tips, time to put on the stompin' boots.

Here I am convincing my older sister that all I've had is 5 beers.

Let the stompin' begin. Doing a little dosey-doe with Grant...

..and Seth

So Claire, I don't know about you, but I've had about enough of these idiots, what say we get the hell outta here.


SDP45 said...

Looks like all had fun, and I hope the best for the newlyweds.

BTW, you sure do clean up good. You looked a little creepy in the previous blog post!

Anonymous said...

Martin, you look real purty all dressed and shined!

Now don't stay that way,
we'll never know you!