Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014: What Would Mullan Think?

For years, this sign straddled the Contential Divide at the summit of Mullan Pass.  I often wondered if Lieutenant John Mullan were alive, what would he think of today's Montana Rail Link, where 4 men can move tens of thousands of tons of merchandise over the route he and his men struggled to construct a crude wagon road.  Would he stand in awe watching 35,000 horses thunder past pulling and shoving 125 cars of coal?  Or would he shrug and say, "let me see them move one wagon across this divide with 4 mules like we did, then I'll be impressed."

With all due respect for the skill required to move a train safely over the pass, in my mind it's a toss up which is the greater achievement.

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