Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back At It....Already

I did a little tractor work yesterday. It sure seems early.

We are going to do some early weed control in the berries. In order for Wilbur Ellis to spray, I needed to fill in most the surface ditches I all but killed myself digging 6 weeks ago.

I definitely have a few reservations concerning this whole process. Wilbur did the same thing last winter and succeeded only in rutting up the field. I can absolutely say in complete honesty they did not kill a single weed, but did kill a number of young strawberry plants because the un-trained ape they had running the spray rig kept running down the rows trampling in the berries with the wheels. I wasn't impressed. Still, my partner is buddies with the guy that oversees Wilbur's spraying operations, so I'm currently out voted when it comes to getting someone who will do a good job for us.

Beyond my suspicion that Wilbur Ellis doesn't know their asses from a hole in the ground, I'm not convinced this winter's bad weather is behind us. They are due to spray on Tuesday. I think next week-end I'll be back out in the field, putting the ditches back in. step forward, two steps back.


Jim said...


A huge thanks for your presentation in the Burlington Library on 2/19/09. I came away with a much better appreciation for the railroaders' perspective.

[The guy at the east end of the first row who asked about the road to Scenic and how you've managed to more or less trespass without getting your can tossed in the can.]

Martin Burwash said...

Thanks, Jim. When I got home last night I told my wife how much fun it was to visit with all of you. As I told her, all of your questions were excellent, well thought out and on task.

I'm looking forward to another visit when "Vis Major" rolls off the presses!