Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014; Weather Is Getting a Little Rough

Although there isn't much on the ground yet, an increasing snow storm will soon enough solve that issue.


Sasquatch said...

Hi Martin,

Beautiful photos, as always!

By the way, I was over at Delta Yard in Everett yesterday (12/09) at lunch and noticed they had the orange Skykomish snow dozer (BNSF 972514) over on it's side, stripped of nose and wing plows, and minus it’s trucks. There was a big crane and a flat bed truck there. I was hoping it was to transport it for rebuild somewhere, but apparently that is not the case. Here's the note I got back from a friend on the BN:

It's scrap, unfortunately. A couple months ago, an inspection found it's center sill rusted/decayed beyond repair. If the carbody is rolled over on it's side, I'd say it's a goner. At least for this season, the green Wenatchee dozer is filling in at Sky.

Wish I had had my camera with me when I saw it on it's side at Delta. When I went back today, there wasn't even a scrap of it left on the ground. On the up side, though, this may mean that with any luck at all, we'll get to photo the Wenatchee dozer a bit this winter, and then maybe there will be some new snow equipment moving into Stevens Pass in years to come. Hope to run into you again up in Stevens Pass this winter. Your snow dozer photos are beauties!

Take care Martin...and send me your new email addy if you'd like; my recent note to you bounced back.

-Tom (Sasquatch)

Martin Burwash said...

Was just thinking about you, Tom. I did hear the dozer was a goner. Sad for sure.

e-mail is: