Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20, 2014: 44 Years Ago

I took this photo 44 years ago this evening.  How can I be so sure?  For my birthday that day, my folks gave me my first "good" camera, a used Yashica 2 1/4 TLR, a hand-me-down Weston light meter, and a roll of Tri-X 120.  That evening the Old Man and I went out and he showed me how to use the light meter and set the camera.  This is the first image I exposed on my first frame of Tri-X.  I even remember the exposure, 1/500th, f11.


Unknown said...

You could not possibly have picked better subject matter for your first frame in your first "good" camera.

Hope you still have that old Yashica. Even if we don't use them anymore, keepsakes like that are nice to have around.

Wayne Depperman

Martin Burwash said...

Thanks, Wayne!
Was sure great to meet you. I just wished I had a little more time to visit. If you are ever back up with way, be sure and stop in!

I don't have that old Yashica, it was stolen some years ago. I do have it's replacement, but as I recall the film advance is stripped. Good cameras!