Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014: Anxiety

Down in the canyon below Wellington, laying amongst the fragmented remains of a passenger car is this seat frame.  Who sat here 104 years ago?  Did they survive?  Snowbound for nearly a week, the person in this seat was confined by the weather to this car and an unpleasant hike to the Bailets Hotel for food.  By now this person was hearing rumors of the railroad snowplows being stalled, rumors of food supplies running low, rumors of slides coming down off the surrounding mountains.  The person who sat here might very well been warm and fed, but was far from being comfortable.  As this person sat, wiping the frog off the window and peering into the darkness of this night, they could see the snow turning to rain.  With it, was this passenger's anxiety turning to fear?

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