Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Grand "Vis Major" Tour

Me, on a book tour...can you believe THAT "es?" Well, I's a few places where you can catch my combo one man side show/comedy/lecture/bs sessions:

Feb. 13 Northwest Railway Museum Awards Banquet, Snoqualmie Golf Club 11:00AM

Feb. 18 Monroe Public Library, Monroe, WA 7:00PM

Feb. 24 Lynnwood Public Library,Lynnwood, WA Snohomish County Historical Society 7:00PM

Feb. 26 The Author's Show webcast;

Feb. 27 Skykomish Historical Society, Skykomish, WA 11AM

March 16 Lynden Public Library, Lynden, WA 7:00PM

March 22 Bellevue Public Library, Bellevue, WA TVW Author's Hour taping, 7:00PM

March 31 Village Books, Fairhaven District, Bellingham, WA 7:00PM

April 22 James J Hill House, St. Paul MN, 7:00PM

Book your dates now, my calendar is fast filling!

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SDP45 said...

Maybe I can get you to sign my book on the 27th!


MTengr said...

I wish it was legal to read Vis Major on the train while enduring the worst winter in ages. Anyway it is a great read wherever you might read it... Martin made the people come alive. Kudos