Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Kicking

Well, I'm still alive...even after downing at Cardiac Arrest Burger. Ever since seeing them on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, I've wanted to take one on. With Seth home over Christmas, I had a willing partner and chef, so it was on! Here's the blueprint:

The Bun: Two complete toasted ham and cheese sandwiches w/ Jack Daniels Bar-b-q sauce. Make sure the bread is liberally buttered on all sides before toasting and there is plenty of cheese.

The Burger: In the initial run we settled on a 1/3lb patty, with an egg and dash of oatmeal to hold it together, along with a dash more of Jack's.

The Condiments: These include 6 pieces of fried bacon, a fried egg (fried in more butter), onions, (caramelized in the left over bacon grease), 1000 isle dressing, ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc to taste.

I ate mine in under 10 minutes in as much as once you pick it up, there's no way you can put it back down.

We think we can improve on this original. Being health conscious, we cooked the bun using 4 slices of whole wheat. This proved to be too flimsy. The next time around I'm thinking four slices of thick sour dough or some such. Also, I think the next time we'll top off the burger/fried egg/onions with a handful of french fries.

Still it was good business as the photographic proof below indicates:


Anonymous said...

Now as the glass of yellow liquid...
nah, it wouldn't be, would it? Recycled?
Mind the meat and related looks real good, shall maybe try to do one on my own after
I get my weekly blood test!

SDP45 said...

Sounds yummy! Triple D is my favorite show. Thanks for the inspiration.


Justin Franz said...

I got to do that now.... I'm printing the recipe as I type.

wayne said...

Every time you eat one of those you are taking ten hillsides off of your lifetime.
That is: ten fewer hillsides you will be able to climb with your RB and tripod.
Be warned.