Wednesday, September 16, 2009


On the cover material for "Vis Major" the publisher refers to me as an "historian." Can you believe that? Look at this photo of yours truly proudly holding his first hardbound and first softbound editions of "Vis." Historian? They've lost their minds.

Would a real historian have a chunk missing from his left thumb and losing the nail on his right thumb, not to mention ground in grime under the nails of all ten digits? Obviously this "historian" digs up his facts the old fashioned way, grubbing in the dirt.

Then there's that gray fast going to white hair. Looks to me like this "historian" is writing from memory not research.

Now, in the background is "Vis Major" command central. (BTW...notice how many times I'm working the title "Vis Major" into this little essay. Product branding, folks...ef the art, it's all about the sales units from here on out.) Anyways, what you see is where the book was written. Looking close, you'll even see a couple of the binders holding the hard copy of one of the many rewrites. See that stain on the thicker of the two? That's evaporated milk spilled on the manuscript by none other than "White Cascade" author, Gary Krist. Gary read that very manuscript while doing the research for his book.

No folks, I'm no historian. If I honestly thought being one would sell more books, I'd be sitting in a a lot fancier chair, I'd have one those tweed sport coats with the big leather patches on the elbows and a close cropped goatee. No, "Vis" is a blue collar story, told about a bunch of blue collar boys. Historians just wouldn't get it.

Oh, and no, I don't "love" to sew.......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're Official!

Well, I got an interesting e-mail from a Facebook friend today. He had ordered two copies of "Vis Major" off of!

Huh? Today the publisher, iUniverse sent me my two printer's copies of the book for my final "oaky." I will probably receive them early next week. Once I give them the thumbs-up, then full production will begin. Still, I guess they aren't wasting any time. The title is listed and a little surfing around on the Amazon listing will reveal iUniverse's little promotional blurb on the book. Me, a historian? They gotta be joking!

And speaking of not wasting anytime. Amazon is already listing 2 "Used" copies of "Vis." Now whoever has those must be a serious speed reader. I mean, I haven't even SEEN the damned things yet!

Take a quick buzz over to Amazon and do a search for "Vis Major." Who knows? Maybe you can score one of those cheap "Used" copies.