Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to Blogging

It's been awhile. No photos this time around..just no time to take very many photos, and even less time (and fresh chemical) to soup out any film. I guess if I want to keep up with this blogging gig, I should go digital.

Snow, flood, a field of strawberries going under water, December and January have been less than a good time. But such is the way. I did lots of ditch digging with my trusty #2 shovel and kept the berries above water. There was a stretch of time where I had a more intimate relationship with that damned shovel than I did with my wife.

But there is some big news. Last night I hit the "Send" icon on the iUniverse website. What this means is: "Vis Major", my novel about the Wellington slide, is now officially in the production phase. Depending on how the edits go and how quickly I can work my way through the remaining steps, I could have actual books in my hot little hands in about 90 days.

Stay tuned.......